Von is currently hard at work finishing his 3rd EP!

Announcements coming soon!

Download Von's 2nd completely original album HERE:

New videos from Von's 2nd original album!


Check out a live version of "Monster" from Von's 1st original album! (Get it on iTunes and Amazon!)


Check out the claymation in the official music video for the title track of Von's 1st original album, "On To Something"!


Watch Von open for Lady Gaga in Australia below!


Click HERE to check out Von's interview with Favorite Color Rust about Postmodern Jukebox, Von's first album, his favorite color, and other dorky stuff!


Listen to a sampler of Von's 1st album below!


Von's videos with Postmodern Jukebox have several million views on youtube! Watch them below!


Von's 1st original album is on Itunes! Click HERE to have a look!